Kendal Vaughan <>Sat, Aug 8, 3:11 PM (22 hours ago)
to GLENN.BRANDedward.fosterTomraceJennifer.Bryson,

Dear Superintendent Brand et al,.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to follow up as promised. I am hoping to de-politicize this conflict with a quick analogy:

Imagine that e.coli-tainted lettuce killed so many people that it led to hundreds of marches and protests in the country in every state in the nation….….Including one right here in Wilmington, MA .

Imagine that a Wilmington public school then posted a sign at its doors reading “THIS SCHOOL SUPPORT DOLE BAGGED SALADS!”….would THAT seem inappropriate, insensitive, and kind-of-digusting-the-more-you-think-about-it?….would it be less  kind-of-digusting-the-more-you-think-about-it if a surrogate for the school had posted the sign, instead?

(I haven’t looked into it personally, but I’d venture to guess that frequent contact with bagged salads has a more consistent correlation with positive outcomes than does frequent contact with the police, no?)

And while it is important to try to de-politicize, it’s also important not to trivialize:

The Black Lives Matter protests didn’t start because e.coli was killing anyone; it didn’t even start because covid-19 was killing Blacks and minorities at disproportionate rates. They started because the POLICE murdered ANOTHER Black man.

Thanks again for your attention and consideration on the matter.

Kendal Vaughan